Love is like a bridge over troubled waters.

That sums up the cliched - if innocuous - message of Our Family Wedding, an innocuous, cliche-ridden romantic comedy that tries to cash in on the cachet of Stanley Kramer's 1967 classic, Guess Who's Coming to Dinner.

African American med-school grad Marcus (Lance Gross) and Latino law-school drop-out Lucia (America Ferrera) plan to marry and move to Laos to do volunteer work.

The lovers' respective families react badly to the biracial match. After another 90 minutes of racist insults and ridiculous gags, they wed and their love heals their families' fractured lives.

Ferrera and Gross are charming as a couple, though their chemistry is far more filial than erotic. Gross mimics Sidney Poitier's implosive performance in Dinner, but he lacks Poitier's almost mystical charisma. He's easily eclipsed by the talented Ferrera, who continues to grow as an actress. (It's time she challenged herself with edgier roles.)

Forest Whitaker is overbearing as Marcus' divorced, womanizing dad, Brad. Carlos Mencia's turn as Lucia's protective pop feels like a stand-up routine.

The sexy, underrated Regina King is solid as Brad's devoted friend. She's long overdue for stardom.

Wait till the DVD release.

- Tirdad Derakhshani