We're already known for our cheesesteaks, but as any Philadelphian worth his or her Whiz knows, Philly has some pretty great pizza, too.

Now, the rest of the world gets to find that out, thanks to a new episode of Viceland's The Pizza Show, which recently brought host Frank Pinello and his crew to Philly to show off some of our most beloved pies.

Pinello, who owns Best Pizza in Brooklyn, knows his stuff. The episode kicks off with a visit to Pizzeria Vetri, where Pinello meets up with chef Brad Spence, who takes him to the  Italian Market to shop at Di Bruno Bros. and Fiorella's Sausage. The guys then whip up a multi-topping pie at Amis, noted for its Roman-style pizza.

Pinello also stops at Tacconelli's in Port Richmond, gives us a behind-the-scenes look at Pizzeria Beddia with owner Joe Beddia, and visits South Street for a Philly taco with inventor Jeff Barg (a former Philly Weekly writer). For the uninitiated, a Philly taco is a Jim's steak lovingly nestled in a giant slice of pizza from Lorenzo's, which isn't as bad as it sounds.

The Pizza Show crew ended their trip to Philly with a ride out to Lancaster, where Pinello and Co. visited Norma Knepp and Norma's Pizza in the Roots Country Market. Knepp, described by a customer as a "country girl," taught herself to make pizza, and last year she won a Caputo Cup for New York-style pizza.

Unfortunately, however, other Philly-area favorites, like Pica's, Pizza Brain, SliCE, and Daniel Gutter's Pizza Gutt, were left off the list of pie places covered on the show. But, hey, that's enough for a follow-up episode right there.

Check out the Philly episode of The Pizza Show here. Please watch at your own discretion, as the episode contains foul language: