When it comes to cheesesteaks, DJ Khaled evidently wants what he wants when it comes to pretty much anything else: Another one.

Which, of course, may explain why the "I'm the One" hitmaker stopped at both Max's Steaks and Geno's when he was in town on Monday to open the highly anticipated Beyoncé/Jay-Z concert at Lincoln Financial Field.

As Khaled posted on his Instagram page, the trip to Max's was a "no brainer" — a play on his latest single, "No Brainer." Photos show the rap star pulling up to the North Philly cheesesteak spot in a Maybach Landaulet 62S convertible, a luxury vehicle that debuted in North America several years ago with a $1.35 million price tag, according to car news site AutoBlog.

Photos show a huge crowd both inside and outside of Max's as Khaled grabs his food and makes a getaway after taking photos with fans. A rep at Max's was not immediately available for comment.

Another post from onlookers shows Khaled and his car outside of Geno's in South Philly. A rep at Geno's confirmed Khaled's trip to Cheesesteak Vegas, but did not elaborate on his order.

"Famous people get cheesesteaks when they're in Philly," Jesse Andreozzi, who snapped the photo of Khaled at Geno's, wrote on Instagram.

Aside from his cheesesteak tour, Khaled also posted a video of himself scootering through the hallways of a hotel:

Riding into the South Philly sports complex:

And hanging out backstage of Beyoncé and Jay-Z's "On the Run II" tour at the Linc:

Despite his trip around Philly, Khaled failed to impress Inquirer music critic Dan DeLuca, who described him as a "glorified party DJ" in a review of Beyoncé and Jay-Z's performance at the Linc. At least Khaled got some steaks out of it, though.

Khaled is currently promoting his new single, "No Brainer," which was released last week. The track reunites Khaled with Justin Bieber, Chance the Rapper, and Migos member Quavo, who all last performed together on "I'm the One" last year.

The trip to a couple of Philly's most beloved cheesesteak spots may come as a surprise to fans of Khaled, who became a Weight Watchers ambassador earlier this year. According to Men's Health, Khaled lost about 26 pounds via Weight Watchers after making a New Year's resolution to slim down.

"I don't lose," Khaled told Page Six of his weight loss in an interview back in February. "All I do is win — you know what I mean."