THE WHOLE world is saddened by Michael Jackson's death. If God the creator and orchestrator of life and death had not known 50 years ago this would happen, he'd probably be in mourning, too.

Glenn Smiley Robinson


It's quite ironic that Michael Jackson, who spent much of his life being taking under the wing of great female entertainers like Diana Ross and Elizabeth Taylor, died the same day as the very illustrious Farrah Fawcett.

Now, the King of Pop stands before the almighty, facing judgment for the opportunity to earn his wings in heaven. And only the almighty really knows the truth about him, whether he lived a righteous life or not.

Wayne E. Williams, Camden

Yes, the entertainment business has lost a great talent and entertainer. Michael Jackson was certainly all that and more.

But over the last 10 years, he became an oddity - bleaching his skin, permanent lip color and eye makeup. This is not what a normal man does. An entertainer can put on makeup to do a show, but not make it his everyday life.

And then he took his family and moved to Bahrain! Those poor children, having to go out in public with masks on. They were home-schooled by Jackson himself.

These children had no socialization with other children. I hope whoever gets to raise his children will give them the real life that they should know, a normal life with school, other children and parties.

Michael Jackson will be missed for his music, but he should've stayed the way he was born and not try to be something he could never be.

Cheryl Gilbert

Oaklyn, N.J.