In these troubled digital times—times of trolls and Fake News and social media conspiracy theories—it can be helpful to remember that the Internet is good for more than hate speech and pictures of your third cousin's hairless terrier. No, we're not just talking about Chris Christie beach memes—though those haven't gotten old yet.

Instead, we're talking about a sweet new textbot courtesy of the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art. Text 572-51 with the words "send me" followed by a keyword, a phrase or an emoji and you'll receive a related artwork and caption. It's like getting a personally curated tour of SFMoMA's expansive galleries right in the palm of your hand.

It'd be easy to spend hours chatting with the text bot because the collections at SFMoMA are so expansive. The museum's website estimates that if you were to walk past each artwork currently on view in the galleries, you would walk almost seven miles. And the artwork on view represents only about five percent of the total collection.

In the spirit of curating the curation, we entered all the Philly words we could think of to see which art works best represent our city. The results were sometimes surprising, sometimes silly and sometimes shockingly poignant.

Send me: Will Smith

Send me: West Philly

Send me: water ice

Erica Palan

Send me: Temple

Erica Palan

Send me: soft pretzel

SFMoMA sent: Judith Joy Ross, "Scott Kreims, Juniper Systems, Silicon Valley 2000," 2000

Erica Palan

Send me: shore

Erica Palan

Send me: Rocky Balboa

Send me: Point Breeze

Erica Palan

Send me: Philadelphia

Send me: Old City

Erica Palan

Send me: Northern Liberties

Send me: Liberty Bell

Erica Palan

Send me: Independence Hall

Erica Pala

Send me: Eagles

Send me: Ben Franklin

Some words we tried but got no response: cheesesteak, Fishtown, Rittenhouse, jawn, Phillies, Flyers, Lawncrest, Passyunk, Wawa, citywide special, scrapple, roast pork, Boyz II Men and Springsteen.

Erica Palan