Brachiosaurus was a a huge, plant-eating dinosaur that lived in the Jurassic period. It was longer than two SEPTA buses!

Fossils of the sauropod have been found in several western states.

Follow the directions below to draw this brachiosaurus, and you'll have a chance to see your artwork published in the Philadelphia Inquirer and Daily News on Sept. 1, 2018.

Details for submission are below. Happy drawing! We'll post another art lesson next week.

1. Let’s start with our dinosaur’s oblong-shaped body. Notice how the shape is lower near the tail. The neck is a very long arc and is thicker where it meets the body. The tail is a shorter arc, and it, too, is thicker where it meets the body. Indicate where the legs will go with light guidelines. We will erase these later.

2. Draw the head beneath the nasal cavity. The eye is far back on the head. The inside of the mouth and the bottom of the chin are in shadow. Thicken the legs. You can see the elbows and knees on this animal. On some animals you can't. Both front feet have three toes and one claw, while the back feet both have three claws.

3. Erase any extra guidelines. Add some shadows and wrinkles on the skin. Refine your shapes where necessary. Did you notice that dip in the back just above the hip?

4. Brachiosaurus had flexible spines along its neck and back bones. We don't know what color (or colors) it was, so you can decide. Create a background where your giant herbivore would like to live.

How to submit your artwork

Children are invited to send or email copies of their work to us at the address or the email below. Phone pictures are fine. One drawing weekly will be selected for publication on Sept. 1 and the selected artists will receive a prize.

Be sure to include your name, age, mailing address, and email or phone number.

Send to:
Arts Editor Becky Batcha
Philadelphia Inquirer
801 Market St.
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