Dark, edgy, funny

Multicamera sitcoms - think the traditional sitcom look, rather than say, The Office - aren't supposed to be edgy anymore. They're supposed to be stodgy and - gasp! - family-friendly. But they're definitely not supposed to be cool. The Carmichael Show, a sitcom that tackles issues of race, class, and family, while still managing to be funny, is the exception to the rule. Norman Lear is still working (see Netflix's excellent One Day at a Time reboot), but he's surely proud of what Jerrod Carmichael is doing with the medium.

Carmichael's standup is laid-back, yet exceedingly dark, and the sitcom that bears his name doesn't pull any punches either, dealing with depression, gun rights, and political activism. (The NBC show made headlines earlier this month when it was announced that it would air the N-word unedited in a Season 3 episode.)

Still, this is a sitcom, and while Carmichael is funny, he has two secret weapons: His parents are played by David Alan Grier and Loretta Devine, two comedy veterans who support Carmichael, a guy still finding his footing as a sitcom lead. The two seasons are on the short side so this is a perfect Netflix binge before Season 3 begins May 31.

- M.E.

Where to stream: Netflix.

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