Billy on the Street

You knew someone was funny when David Letterman got a kick out of them. The first time Letterman interviewed Billy Eichner, the notoriously gruff, erstwhile late-night host couldn't stop giggling at Eichner's simple but genius shtick.

On Billy on the Street, Eichner's truTV show, he roams New York asking people ridiculous questions - such as, "Would you sleep with Paul Rudd?" as Rudd stands next to him - and then yells at the poor souls regardless of whether they give him a correct answer. Sometimes, he even persuades people to do things like the Meryl-Go-Round, a Meryl Streep-themed obstacle course. It's nearly impossible to get through a segment without laughing, whether he has brought a celeb friend - Amy Poehler is a treat - or not.

Last year, Eichner costarred, with his best friend and collaborator Julie Klausner, on Hulu's hilariously nasty sitcom Difficult People, where he played a pop-culture-obsessed writer-actor. Hulu clearly loves Eichner: It's streaming all five seasons of Billy on the Street. Alternate with eps of Difficult People. Its second season premiered Tuesday on Hulu.

Where to stream: Hulu.

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