Drew and Jonathan Scott know why people show up in droves to see them talk about home improvement.

And only part of it is home improvement.

The studly sibs who star in HGTV's Property Brothers and Brother vs. Brother, among other home-improvement programs, will be at the Philadelphia Home and Garden Show on Saturday to talk about how to stretch your buck when it comes to remodeling your home.

They took a break from filming the fourth season of Brother vs. Brother to discuss their trademark about brotherly banter and how they got beat by One Direction.

Why do you guys like doing these public appearances?

Drew: We actually come from a comedy background. We did sketch, stand-up, improv. We love the energy of the crowd. Plus, it gives me hour to make fun of Jonathan.

Jonathan: We also get a lot of questions that don't get answered on the show. We cram months of work into 40 minutes.

What do live appearances entail?

J: We start off by saying who we are, but every lecture is a little different. This one is about stretching your renovation dollars. What can you take on? What should you bring in a pro for?

We've never filmed our show in Philly before, and we've gotten questions about how we can bring the show to Philadelphia. Locals can help persuade the network to bring us there.

D: These aren't groundbreaking new ideas, but they're a lot of nice reminders for what people can do for an affordable amount.

So, who shows up to see you? What are your fans like?

J: The majority of people just want to see us in a different light. They're not asking us to redo their kitchen. Though some people have actually brought in the plans for their kitchen.

D: They also like the side of us that's the fun side. We take the job seriously, but we don't take ourselves seriously. They want to see in person that we are as goofy as we are on the show.

J: We've broken attendance records at every show we've done but one, at the Mall of America. One Direction is the only other group that has drawn a larger crowd. That's not too bad.

D: So look out, Philly, we're boy-band-style crazy! What's our fan base name? We were talking about giving our fans a name.

J: We thought the Scottys.

D: The Scottys are coming to Philly.

J: People will come from several states away to see us, which is crazy. We do a lot of public appearances, but our schedule is so tight, we've had people figure out the closest appearance and travel for us.

D: Last year, we did an Asian tour. That was amazing. To see we can inspire people all over the world to improve our homes, not just America, is pretty cool.

What inspires such devotion to you guys?

D: They all love that Jonathan does slow-motion renovation in tight jeans.

J: The design is great, but it's the brotherly banter. We're like family with these homeowners, and anyone can relate to that. It's nice to watch programing that's nice to watch.

Did you have that "brotherly banter" when you were little kids, as well?

J: You're always like that with your siblings. We had our own twin language. Our parents used to give our older brother JD a nickel to translate us, but we think he just made stuff up and pocketed the nickel.

D: When you're a sibling, you can appreciate that rivalry. Today is the first day of Brother vs. Brother shooting, and what I love is that type of competition. It's not knocking each other down, it's the natural building each other up.

I know when I get together with my siblings, I revert back to my teenage years. Do you guys ever have similar reversions to your youth?

J: Drew doesn't have to revert back to being 12 years old. [Laughs.] I'm amazed we get work done, because we laugh all day. Even as kids, we would do things like see who could race to the barn first. Drew tends to win more, but he's been such a baby because he lost Brother vs. Brother last season.

D: I'm back and I'm bad. It'll be like a recap of all the past wins I've had in my life.

Jonathan and Drew Scott will appear at the Philadelphia Home and Garden Show at 1 p.m. Saturday at the Greater Philadelphia Expo Center at Oaks, 100 Station Ave., Oaks. Tickets: $10; free for kids under 13. Information: 855-856-7469 or www.phillyhomeandgarden.com.