Camp X-Ray

Kristen Stewart stars as an Army guard at Guantanamo Bay who lets one of the detainees - there for eight years, still professing his innocence - get inside her head. Peyman Moaadi is the soft-spoken, bearded prisoner in Peter Sattler's drama.


Force Majeure Sweden's official entry in the foreign-language Oscar race finds a family vacationing in the French Alps, husband and wife put to the test following a jarring event. A psychological disaster movie, from the Cannes-winning filmmaker Ruben Östlund. R

Laggies Keira Knightley goes on the run - from responsibilities, from a marriage proposal - hiding out with a teenager (Chloë Grace Moretz) and her single dad (Sam Rockwell) in Lynn Shelton's cross-generational, quarter-life identity-crisis comedy. R