The editorial weeping has begun. "Television Without

Barbara Walters

Is Hard to Imagine," reads a headline on Hard, yet not impossible?

A source tells the Associated Press the 83-year-old journo, famed the world over for throwing the softest of softball questions to celebs both beloved and despised, plans to retire in May 2014. Babs' TV work goes back to 1961, when she was hired as a writer for the Today show. Most of her work today is on daytime gabfest The View, which she created in '97.

No comment yet from ABC or Walters.

Tidbits 'n' pieces

America's Most Wanted may die after 25 years: Lifetime isn't picking up a new season. But creator John Walsh is developing a new Lifetime show. . . . Organizers of one of Asia's biggest events, next Tuesday's opening ceremony of India's Premier Cricket tournament, have fired headliner Jennifer Lopez because she made too many ridiculous diva demands, says the New York Post. . . . "The end is coming," Mad Men creator Matt Weiner tells the Saturday Evening Post. So will the seventh season, which premieres April 7 be the last? He won't say.

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