Taniyah, 12, is very articulate and readily expresses her thoughts and feelings. She enjoys singing, dancing, coloring, and drawing. Taniyah takes pride in her artistic ability and dancing skill.

Enrolled in sixth-grade regular classroom, Taniyah likes going to school and is working hard to improve academically. Although her favorite subject is math, she is best at science and recently placed second in her school's science fair.

In the future Taniyah would like to be a fashion designer or a makeup artist and travel to Paris. But she also has a more immediate desire - to have a permanent home. She would thrive with a loving, nurturing family that would lavish attention on her and provide a structured, consistent environment. She would love to be part of a family that spends time with one another and does things together. It would be great if there are cats in the home. It would be best if she is the only child or if there is just one other child.

Taniyah and other children are available for adoption by approved applicants. For more information, please contact Sheina Martinez at the Philadelphia division of the National Adoption Center. E-mail: smartinez@adopt.org or call 267-443-1872.