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are words frequently used to describe Kai. The adorable 5-year-old easily charms those he meets with his smiles and giggles. His caretakers have become quite attached to him and have fostered his growth and progress. Kai loves hugs and kisses and enjoys being the center of attention. He delights in exploring his surroundings, touching everything. He loves bubbles, swings, going for walks in his stroller, and the pool.

Kai faces many challenges - cognitive, motor, speech, and feeding delays. He has the ability to walk, even up and down stairs, with the assistance of leg braces. For longer distances, he uses a wheelchair. He enjoys being active and dislikes sitting still. Kai recognizes his name and has begun to imitate signs and gestures. His favorite food is toddler cookies.

The ideal family for Kai will have a lot of energy, an abundance of patience, and extended family support. It would be helpful if there are older children in the family. He is close to his birth father, and it is hoped that the adoptive family would allow some continued contact. Kai is eligible for financial subsidy.

Kai and other children are available for adoption by approved applicants. The process usually takes two to 12 months. For more information, contact the National Adoption Center, 1500 Walnut St., Suite 701, Philadelphia, Pa. 19102. Call 215-735-9988 or visit the website at www.adopt.org.