"Insulted in Ohio" was offended because she's being asked at bridal and baby showers to address a blank envelope so the honoree can send her a thank-you note. Good heavens, lady, calm down.

At a shower, you are celebrating a milestone event in a young woman's life. Your gift will help her during the next phase of her life. These joyous events can be stressful and require a lot of preparation. I'm sure the hostess's intent in asking guests to perform this minor task is to ease the honoree's responsibilities. It also ensures the addresses appear correctly on the envelopes and everyone is accounted for on the gift list. Is that really so "insulting"?

"Ohio," if you feel so imposed-upon being asked to do such a simple thing, may I offer a suggestion? Gift the honoree with your "regrets" and leave your judgmental attitude at home. (I'll bet you count the days until you're thanked, too.)

- Gail in Nacogdoches, TEXAS

DEAR GAIL: Thank-you notes are a hot-button issue with my readers, and frankly, I am surprised more of you didn't stick up for "Insulted." However, I stand firm in my conviction that the more personal the thank-you note (including the envelope), the better.