With all those little skeletons walking around for Halloween, I can't help but crave tequila as the macabre festivities flow straight through the Day of the Dead on Tuesday.

There are plenty of new luxe bottles out there to consider, including Maestro Dobel, $49.99, an unusual blend of a reposado and two añejos that's "diamond clear" despite the age of its tequilas (definitely complex, but a bit hot and off-kilter to me.) There's also Excellia reposado aged in Sauternes and Cognac casks, superbly smooth, brandied and pricey ($64.99), but so new, it's not yet on shelves in the region.

¡Qué suerte! One of my longtime favorites, Casa Noble Crystal, happens to be on sale in Pennsylvania ($5 off the usual $40) through November. It's exceptionally smooth for an unaged blanco (or "crystal"), meaning this triple-distilled organic tequila should be sipped neat. It glosses the tongue with a luxurious hum that radiates the earthy green brightness of blue agave - floral citrus, tropical fruits, and a peppery butter finish that lingers long after the sip is gone.

- Craig LaBan

Casa Noble Crystal Tequila, $34.99 on sale in Pennsylvania until Nov. 28 (code: 3176).