Better barbecue chips

Cape Cod does make a superior potato chip and, in my mind, it is hard to beat the perfection of their plain kettle cooked. But I was won over by this addicting flavor: mesquite barbecue. Just the right combination of spicy tomato saltiness, finished with a whiff of smoke. But beware, if you eat one, you may not stop until the bag is gone.

Cape Cod Sweet Mesquite Barbecue Potato Chips,

8 ounces, $3.29, at most supermarkets.

- Maureen Fitzgerald

Fly the flag

To serve crudites on the Fourth or any other day of the year that you are feeling especially patriotic. Ceramic and dishwasher safe.

Flag platter, $24.95 from Sur La Table at the Promenade at Sagemore in Marlton.

- M.F.

A salad serving plant

This whimsical potted "plant" is actually a pair of salad servers standing upright. Remove them and mix your favorite salad dressing in the pot.

Potted salad servers, $26 from Foster's Homeware,

399 Market St. 215-925-0950.

- M.F.