Having it all

Why waste time trying to choose between flavor favorites when you can enjoy them all at one bite?

"Everything" bagel chips include sesame and poppy seeds, bits of onion and garlic, plus sea salt, and are oh-so-good. Almost addictive.

That leaves just one dilemma: to shmear or not to shmear these melba-like rounds.

Stacy's "Everything" Baked Bagel Chips, 6-ounce bag, $2.99. At ShopRite and other supermarkets. For more locations visit www.stacyssnacks.com.

- Marilynn Marter

Bring along a pig

What an adorable - and tasty - appetizer for a party: smoked pork and beef salami fashioned into a little porker. Just one of the many delights at this Russian grocery store in the Northeast.

Pig salami, $11.99 per pound, ($14.63 for the one in photo) at Net Cost, 11701 Bustleton Ave. 267-672-2500.

Go green

Feel good every time you drain the pasta, using this colander made in the USA entirely from recycled plastic. Dishwasher safe.

Preserve colander, $13. For a list of retail locations, visit www.recycline.com