Celeb Web site TMZ.com reports that


DNA-designated daddy,

Larry Birkhead

, who sired the child of the late

Anna Nicole Smith

, will meet with the baby's grandma,

Virgie Arthur

, today. And, get this, without any lawyers around.

Arthur's lawyer, John O'Quinn, said the purpose of the confab is "to figure out what they believe is in the best interest of this child - and try to get it done."

Dad and gran want to come up with a deal that the Bahamian court, which will decide custody, will "like and approve."

No comment from Birkhead.

Iron Mike goes Bollywood

Former heavyweight champ

Mike Tyson

, who has spent a lot of time dancing around the ring, will dance for the cameras in a promo for an Indian movie,

Fool and Final

, set to be shot in India.

"It's finalized," said publicity dude N. Chattani. "Tyson will be shooting the music promo with the entire cast."

"The movie is a laugh riot, and the filmmakers thought Tyson would be great in the promo," Chattani said. The flick does have a pugilistic connection: It features action hero Sunny Deol as a boxer.

Ozzfest tix!

Ozzy looks after his own: A limited number of copies of Mr. Osbourne's new album,

Black Rain,

out May 22, will have a code you can use to get free tix for this summer's Ozzfest, Aug. 22 at Camden's Tweeter Center, which will feature Lamb of God, Hatebreed, Lordi, Behemoth, Mondo, Generator, Nile, Ankla, Circus Diablo, the Showdown. You can use the code June 8, four days before tix officially go on sale June 12.

Refiling contra Rock

Kali Bowyer

, who filed suit in Georgia claiming that

Chris Rock

is the father of her 13-year-old child, has unfiled the suit, saying she'll be refiling it in New York. She said her lawyer suggested she refile the suit, which seeks child support, medical coverage and attorney fees. There have been no comments from either side.

Indiana Jones Junior?

Shia LeBeouf

's the man!

Shia who? Man for what?

Perhaps this'll help: "We are excited about bringing Shia into our Indy family," Steven Spielberg said yesterday about his casting Shia in the next Indiana Jones movie, due out May 22, '08.

Trouble is, the filmmakers and Paramount declined to specify what role Shia, who stars in the new thriller Disturbia, is to play.

Anna's diaries to soar!

Today's scheduled auction of two diaries handwritten by

Anna Nicole Smith

in the early '90s will go on, despite a complaint by Smith's last lover,

Howard K. Stern

, that the items are stolen.

Heritage Auction Galleries of Dallas, which refused Stern's request to halt the sale, says Stern wants the diaries to go back to the estate. The auction house bought the diaries and a number of other amazing objects - including a $16,954.66 store receipt from a '92 shopping spree at Bloomingdale's - from an anonymous German businessman, who had paid more than $500,000 for them on eBay.

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