The saddle worn by Kentucky Derby champion Barbaro will be sold at a charity auction in May to raise money for permanently disabled jockeys.

Edgar Prado, who used the red-and-white leather saddle to guide Barbaro to victory in last year's Derby, also used it while winning the 2002 and 2004 Belmont Stakes.

The saddle will be auctioned off at the Mint Jubilee Gala on May 4, the night before this year's Derby.

"Barbaro was one of the greatest horses to ever run the Derby," Prado said. "I only used the saddle for major races."

Prado was aboard Barbaro during last year's Preakness Stakes when the 3-year-old colt broke down in the front stretch after injuring his right hind leg. Barbaro was euthanized in January.

- AP

Spears tops 'Foolish' list

Britney Spears has topped this year's list of "Most Foolish Americans." In second place is Paris Hilton, followed by Michael Jackson, President Bush, O.J. Simpson, Vice President Cheney and Mel Gibson, in the annual poll conducted by publicist Jeff Barge and the Opinion Research Group.

Barge, who releases the list in honor of April Fool's Day, said of the pop tart's victory, "Going commando, mutilating your own head, bobbling your baby in public - they've all been done before by various contenders, but never before in combination."

- New York Post

Will Ferrell ices box office

Will Ferrell skated past his competitors to take the gold medal at the box office with his new comedy

Blades of Glory

, according to Sunday estimates.

Blades sold $33 million worth of tickets since opening on Friday. The three-day sum beat the most optimistic forecasts by $3 million, said the movie's distributor, Paramount Pictures.

Also new on the box office chart was Walt Disney Co.'s animated comedy Meet the Robinsons, which opened at No. 2 with $25.1 million, roughly in line with relatively modest expectations.

Last weekend's champion, the animated Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, fell to No. 4 with $9.2 million. Just ahead of it, down one, was another former chart-topper, 300, with $11.2 million. Disney's Wild Hogs rounded out the top five, slipping one place with $8.4 million.

- Reuters

Chocolate Jesus in storage

Offers to buy or exhibit a nude chocolate sculpture of Jesus have poured in since the piece caused a stir and lost its gallery space in New York, said the artist who made it.

But artist Cosimo Cavallaro said Saturday that he also has received some threats, so he is storing the sculpture for now in a refrigerated truck in an undisclosed location.

On Friday, a Manhattan gallery called off a planned exhibit of the 6-foot sculpture - called "My Sweet Lord" - amid a deluge of complaints from Catholics, including Cardinal Edward Egan.

They were offended by the anatomically correct confection, which does not include the loincloth typical in religious portrayals of Jesus. Many also were outraged that the gallery planned to display the sculpture during Holy Week.

Cavallaro said the controversy spurred "thousands" of e-mail messages from people offering help, donations and exhibition space.

- AP