Former Pennsylvania State University president Graham B. Spanier, who was convicted of misdemeanor child endangerment in March for failing to act on reports that Jerry Sandusky abused children, will be sentenced in Dauphin County Court on June 2.

The statutory maximum for the crime is five years, but with no criminal history, Spanier could argue for probation.  

Former athletic director Tim Curley and former vice president Gary Schultz, who pleaded guilty to misdemeanor child endangerment, will be sentenced the same day.

Curley will go first at 10 a.m., followed by Schultz at 10:30 and Spanier at 11.

The former Penn State officials were accused of conspiring to cover up  Sandusky's sexual abuse of young boys. Curley and Schultz initially were charged in 2011, when Sandusky was arrested, and Spanier a year later. The men also faced conspiracy and perjury charges, but those were dropped. Spanier was acquitted of a second endangerment count, as well as a felony conspiracy charge.

Spanier's lawyers have said they will appeal the conviction.