While some colleges nationally continue to struggle with enrollment dips, Cabrini University has reported its third consecutive year of increases.

Full-time undergraduate enrollment at the Catholic university in Radnor has increased by 156 students, or 13 percent, since 2013, for a total of 1,384, the university said.

Enrollment in this fall's incoming class - the largest in nearly a decade - has risen by 89 students, or 23 percent, to 481. The academic background of the class has remained on par or improved from previous years, said Bob Reese, vice president of enrollment management.

"Over the last few years, we've been creating a buzz about Cabrini," Reese said. "Going to university status really helped."

Founded in 1957 by the Missionary Sisters of the Sacred Heart of Jesus, the college gained university status last spring, reflecting its expanded graduate programming.

Four years ago, following an enrollment decline, Cabrini cut its tuition 12.5 percent and made a commitment not to raise it above $30,000 until at least May 2015. The college froze tuition, fees, and room and board for 2015-16.

Students currently pay $30,588 in tuition and fees and $12,026 in room and board for a total of $42,614. Nearly all students receive financial aid, Reese said.

This year's enrollment increase also was helped by the addition of a baseball team, Reese said. In addition, the university has worked at building relationships with high schools in the area, he said, including allowing students to come to campus and take classes at reduced prices while still in high school.

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