Captain Fantastic.

Viggo Mortensen stars, with an amazing group of young actors, as a radical hippie dad who has raised his kids way off the grid. When events force them to leave their rustic retreat and deal with modern-day America, the experience is jolting - and funny, moving, meaningful.


Jason Bourne. "I remember everything," says the formerly amnesiac spy guy played by Matt Damon in his return - along with director Paul Greengrass - to the Bourne series. The movie spans the globe and has the great action scenes you'd expect, but now that Bourne knows who he is, the existential underpinnings of the great franchise concept are MIA. PG-13

Our Little Sister. After the death of their father, three adult sisters invite the 14-year-old half-sister they've never known to live with them. This is a lovely, gentle family portrait; succumb to its slow rhythms. This is the kind of movie that will leave you feeling restored, maybe a little misty-eyed, too. PG

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