My son is almost 40, he’s never been married and has always been involved with women who weigh more than I do and I weigh 200 pounds. He says he’s a “chubby chaser,” but I always wonder if he chooses women who won’t demand marriage?

Steve: What makes you think they won't demand marriage? I think that reveals you are a little bigoted toward plus-size women. It may be that your son is the party who doesn't want to marry. In any event, you haven't said he's unhappy with his life, so I'd tell you to back off, Dad.

Mia: Right on, Steve. Let the guy live. And if a plus sized lady wants to get married, she'd get herself married.

I am really attracted to this young intern in our office. He’s going back to school soon, but I still want to start up a relationship. What’s the best opening line?

Mia: Uh, #MeToo much? Doesn't matter how old you are, you have a position of power in the relationship even after he's gone back to school. Don't risk it for both of your sakes.

Steve: What a buzz killer, you are Mia. There has been romance in the workplace ever since women entered the workplace. Assuming the young man is of the age of consent, don't come on like you want to jump his bones. Make a comment on your favorite band or singer and ask his. That's a soft way in and, oh, he may not be interested in you.