In a few weeks my boyfriend is going back to school. It’s 200 miles away and he says it’s too far for me to visit. He wouldn’t let me visit last year. I think he has a honey on campus up there. Should I go up there and surprise him?

Mia: No! Don't you dare show up there unannounced. The surprise might be on you. Not to sound harsh but if he wanted you there, he would have invited you. You sound really young. If that's the case, you should be out living your own life – not worrying about what he's doing. You had better check yourself.

Steve: That would be worse than going through his cell phone when his back is turned. See if you can wheedle an invite to campus on a special occasion, your birthday perhaps.

My wife is always too pooped for sex but can always find the energy to hang out at happy hour with her colleagues from work. She does this a couple of times of week. I trust her but I am not sure about some of the men she works with. She’s very beautiful and looks way younger than her age. How should I handle this?

Steve: Happy Hour doesn't require energy and it could be a couple of glasses of wine relaxes her too much, so that's a bad time to get revved up. Invite her to a "happy hour" at home. Have her favorite drink ready, her favorite music playing and a bouquet of her favorite flowers.

Mia: Steve's suggestion is a good one. She's probably hanging with her work buddies because you're home sitting on the couch. You need to make an effort to date her and make her feel special. If you make your home life as exciting as what she's finding out in the streets with her work buddies, I guarantee you, girlfriend will spend more time with you and less time with them. But that's going to require some effort on your part, so get off your duff and get moving!