Brown has left the house

Chris Brown and more than a dozen members of his posse were taken into police custody Tuesday after a tense, 10-hour standoff in which officers surrounded Brown's Tarzana, Calif., house. Streamed live on TMZ, the event featured several highlights, including the arrival of Brown's attorney Mark Geragos.

It all began in the wee hours Tuesday, when LAPD officers arrived at the house in response to a 911 call from a woman claiming Brown had threatened her with a gun, the Los Angeles Times reports.

Brown denied the cops access until they produced a warrant. A waiting game ensued as authorities applied for the warrant.

At one point, Brown surrendered several weapons and an unknown quantity of drugs to the police, throwing the items out a window in a duffel bag.

The woman, Baylee Curran, told TMZ she was partying with Brown when a member of his posse became irate. Curran said she was threatened at gunpoint and thrown out.

Brown lashed out at authorities in several expletive-rich Instagram vids he shot during the day. Calling the police "the worst gang in the world." Brown said he was innocent, but offered no explanation. He denounced reports that he had barricaded himself in the house or threatened police.

'DWTS' guests announced

Dancing with the Stars returns to ABC (locally on 6ABC WPVI-TV) on Sept. 12 with a new roster of celebs, including former Texas governor and onetime presidential candidate Rick Perry, Olympic gold-medal gymnast Laurie Hernandez, Olympic swimmer Ryan Lochte who had (to say the least) an eventful time in Rio, South Philadelphia-born model and talk show host Amber Rose, Taxi alum Marilu Henner, and Maureen McCormick, best known to some as Marcia Brady

Lochte, who reported being robbed while in Rio, says the public hasn't had a chance to get to know the real him.

"This show will definitely bring out my personality, you know, laid back, go with the flow, [a] loving and caring person," the swimmer tells USA Today.

Heart attack

Heart singer Ann Wilson's husband, Dean Wetter, was charged with assault Saturday at a Heart concert near Seattle for allegedly slapping and punching his 16-year-old twin nephews, Curtis and William Crowe. The boys' parents are Heart's Nancy Wilson and her former hub Cameron Crowe.