Barbara's nominees

It'll undoubtedly be a night of revelation next Sunday when

Barbara Walters

is granted dominion over Oscar nominees

Eddie Murphy


Dame Helen Mirren


Jennifer Hudson

and Academy Awards host

Ellen DeGeneres

for a pre-Oscar frightfest of sycophantism, self-love, and passive-aggressive expressions of faux-adulation. (Is Dr. Freud in the house?)

The Barbara Walters Oscar® Special will air 7 p.m. next Sunday®, Feb. 25. Don't miss it!

Dental beauties

More cosmetic dental-health providers are asked to give their clients

Julia Roberts

' smile than that of any other celeb, says a survey of the 7,000 members of the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry.

The survey also revealed that dental pros voted Halle Berry the girl celeb with the No. 1 toothsomest smile, while Matthew McConaughey was dubbed top boytooth guy.

The honored scarlet letter

Oh, that she were my pudding or porridge!

Scarlett Johansson

was all game Thursday in Cambridge, Mass., taking part in various acts of silliness, theatrical and libational, courtesy of Harvard's Hasty Pudding Theatricals, which crowned the

Lost in Translation

heartbreaker the Harvard Hasty Pudding woman of the year.

Johansson led a parade, watched herself be lampooned, and gleefully participated in other forms of silliness with the group, which last year honored Halle Berry and Richard Gere.

"Thank you so much for this fabulous golden pot. . . . This is the closest I'll ever get to a Harvard degree, for sure," Johansson said.

The male Pudding of the Year, Ben Stiller, will be feted Friday.

No Bono worship there

Sitcoms have made jokes about it, but the great state of North Dakota has good sense. Lawmakers in the state House have defeated, 58-35, a resolution to pay homage to the


singer for his almost saintly efforts in the name of debt relief for third-world countries.

This man, Bono, they said, has no connection with the state.

But Rep. Scot Kelsh, who sponsored the measure (and who, obviously, has time on his hands), won't let go: "This is something that does matter to us as citizens of North Dakota, the United States, and the world at large."

One state representative told the press he thought everyone was talking about Sonny Bono. "When I saw the resolution, I was looking for Cher's name in there."

Both his faces to sign?

Aaron Eckhart

, who totally kicked (thespianically) in

Thank You for Smoking

, is a breath away from signing to costar with

Christian Bale


The Dark Knight

, the sequel to

Batman Begins

, to be helmed again by

Christopher Nolan

. Eckhart would play Harvey Dent/Two-Face, the good/bad guy so overplayed by

Tommy Lee Jones

in 1995's

Batman Forever

. As Dent, Eckhart is Batman's ally; and as Two-Face, well, you know . . .

Heartbreak for Hugh?

Shameless sex object

Hugh Grant

, 46, is no longer seeing

Jemima Khan

, his post-

Elizabeth Hurley

rebound girlfriend of three years, reports People. The mag says Hugh's rep has confirmed the split, but without any details or quotes.

Time for a quick retrospective on the Grant-Khan affair:

"He's very clever, and she really is funny, witty and quick. They spark off each other perfectly," some anonymous source told People in the summer, amid rumors the couple were engaged.

Engaged? What a difference time can make! Powerful stuff, that time.

The spirit of film

Sarah Silverman

, who has finally made it to the top, but who's still every self-loathing, comedy-challenged geek's fantasy girl, will host the 2007 Spirit Awards Feb. 24. Sold as the


Oscars, but featuring about 73.685 percent of the same celebs, the show'll be shown live on IFC beginning at 5 p.m.

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