West Chester, most proud county seat for Chester County has a juicy role - well, the borough's a full-fledged costar - in

Bam's Unholy Union

, an MTV reality series that will chronicle the no-doubt-arduous yet butterflies-in-the-tummy- thrilling preparations for the wedding of East High School drop-out and proud



Bam Margera

, 27, and childhood sweetie

Missy Rothstein

, 26. (The show was to debut last night.)

Bam and Missy, who appeared on Howard Stern's Sirius show yesterday, say they're totally ready to keep married life as adventurous as possible by developing a technique to, um, consummate their holy bond while driving. (Missy conceded the couple's Hummer has wide seats.)

Radar Online reports that Bam, whose latest sub-Mensa movie, Jackass Number Two, has grossed $84.5 mil, won't sell out his roots to move to New York or Lalaland. "Everything I need is in Pennsylvania," he tells the New York Daily News. Rock on, Skateboard Dude!Brandy's wrongful death suit

The family of 38-year-old Awatef Aboudihaj, who was killed in a four-car crash Dec. 30 involving Brandy, filed a wrongful death lawsuit for $50 million against the singer yesterday, TMZ.com reports.

The California Highway Patrol has recommended that the Los Angeles City Prosecutor slap a misdemeanor vehicular manslaughter charge on the singer, who failed to stop when traffic in front of her had slowed down.

Authorities were still considering the CHiP's recommendation. If convicted, Brandy could face up to one year in L.A. County Jail and a $1,000 fine.

Michael Jackson to convert?

Jermaine Jackson

, a convert to Islam, told BBC Asian Network Monday he wishes his brother


, that One Gloved Wonder of pop stardomhood, also would convert.

"Michael, I feel, needs to become a Muslim because I think it's a great protection for him from all the things that he's been attacked with, which are false," said Jermaine, who lives in Bahrain.

Jermain said MJ has given the idea "serious thought" - especially in the "peaceful and quiet" Bahrain sojourn the singer took after he was acquitted of child molestation charges in June '05.

Jermaine recently finished runner-up to Bollywood star Shilpa Shetty in (a particularly scandal-ridden) season of the Brit reality show, Celebrity Big Brother.

No comments from Michael.

Policing the Grammys


reunion rumors, which have been reported, analyzed and (by some, at least) condemned, are no more. The hypothetical verily has been transmogrified into actuality: Former teacher ("don't stand too close to me . . .")

Gordon Matthew Thomas Sumner

, alias


, and his two palsy-walsies, who have had about a 20th of his success since Police collapsed with nervous exhaustion in '84, will perform Feb. 11 at the Grammys. The trio, which has won five Grammys, last rejoined in '03 for a sentimental set at their Rock and Roll Hall of Fame induction. Will this reunion last? We'll have to wait for future feverish PR dispatches.

Marley concert for peace

Four of devout Rastafarian

Bob Marley

's sons will hold Smile Jamaica, a Feb. 10 concert, during Jamaica's Bob Marley Week, which they say will promote peace and commemorate the legendary musician's 62d birthday (he was born Feb. 6, 1945). The show's name is significant: It's the name of a '76 concert staged by the government of former socialist Prime Minister

Michael Manley

, who urged peace between warring gangs aligned with various political parties. The new show will feature

Stephen Marley

and his brothers






. Bob Marley died of cancer in 1981 at age 36.

Beyoncé pinching pennies?



some latter-day Scrooge? TMZ.com says - in an exclusive investigative reporting report - that the diva is financing a series of music videos that will feature backup dancers who are paid way below standard wages. How did she manage it? TMZ.com says her choreographer,

Frank Gatson

, contracted the dancers directly, bypassing their agents.

Is this awful? Is this sweatshop-level devilry? (The practice does not violate regulations.)

Beyoncé has not replied to TMZ.com's requests for a comment.

Harry Potter - sans clothes

In images sure to disturb and/or severely titillate fantasy fans, D&D geeks and other fanatic fantasizers, the producers of a London production of


due to open Feb. 27, have unleashed some seriously sexy publicity shots of the play's star, Harry Potter (

Daniel Radcliffe

) himself. But this Harry, shown shirtless and even


spectacles, is no longer a boy.

Peter Shaffer's play, which is about a man who becomes sexually obsessed with horses, demands that the actor shed all his vestments and (simulate) equine sex.

Producer David Pugh tells People he was gobsmacked (way amazed) to see 17-year-old Radcliffe "have a six-pack like that at that age."

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