Dear Harry: I graduated from college this past May. I had a job lined up with a stockbroker here in Philadelphia, but was recently told not to report for work until Oct. 1. In the meantime, I have gone back home to live. Neither my parents nor I like the situation, since we've lived apart for most of the last four years. But I have no income and I'm loaded with debts of almost $65,000. My parents can very easily afford to have me stay here, and I'd like to do it until I'm in my new job, but they are telling me to get some kind of work . . . anything to get me out of the house. The only thing I can find is a waiter's job that pays mostly tips. I did a little of this a while ago, and I don't like it one bit. I am doing a lot of reading to keep me well-informed, and I would like to continue doing that, but my folks are all but threatening to force me to move out by charging me rent and board. What do you suggest?

What Harry says: Sorry! I'm not on your side in this. Boomerang children are creating many problems for both their parents and themselves. There are about 13 million of you throughout the nation, and there are many difficulties. Paying for room and board is only one of them. I can see giving you a grace period, but allowing you to remain totally unburdened until October is a bit too long. Get a job . . . any job to help you get on your feet and start paying your own way. You can keep up to date in your spare time. If you can't find a job to your liking, take that waiter's job. Life is not just doing what you like. *

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