Still one of the millions without a job or in need of a better one? The economy is improving and the jobless rate is declining - slowly. These sites could help you get out there and get working.

Free course. The online learning site LatitudeU provides this free course - it takes less than two hours to complete - to help you review your job needs and qualifications, overcome worries about your shortcomings (if any), hone your skills, make your resumé "robust," and develop a network. LatitudeU has access to a few other free courses on business and finance, and a slew of paid training from various vendors in software applications and other technical subjects.

Quintessential Careers, itself a job-hunting site, lists its top 10 "other" sites, including some you might not have thought of before, such as, for temporary employment situations;, which combs multiple sites' listings for jobs in 50 countries, and, which offers to help you get a job by networking. Quintessential Careers, which has its own job-search tools, aims at helping job-seekers with extensive advice on how to market themselves.

First job after college. This page has basic tips for new college graduates - and most others looking for work - who need to check out job fairs, nurture their contacts, and keep trying. The page is part of the site of University Language Services, which provides document translation services to foreign students looking to study in the United States.

State-by-state job hunting. provides this list of resources for finding jobs in every state in the United States. The Pennsylvania entry, for example, lists job-finding sites by town, and by big employers, as well as support programs, and sites for education and government jobs.

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