There wasn't even a for sale sign up when David Vosbikian's cousin approached the owner of a Moorestown, New Jersey property about buying it.

"It was unoccupied," Vosbikian said. "There was even a bathtub in the backyard."

As it happened, the owner was willing to sell. Vosbikian and his wife, Daneen, bought the lot and contacted an architect and a builder. They moved in about a year later, in 2006.

"It was a very long process," Vosbikian said.

The couple were already living down the street and had a pretty good idea of what their dream house would look like.

"There are certain elements of the home we knew we wanted to have," he said.

They included an L-shaped design—similar to what they were living with already but on a grander scale—and an open floor plan with a turret.

The home down the street had been built in 1973 and the couple had already done some significant remodeling.

"We were ready for something new," he said. "Something with a basement."

Today the home they built about a decade ago boasts more than 8,300 square feet of living space stretched over five bedrooms with en-suite bathrooms, including a massive master suite. Vosbikian said the family spaces are his favorite.

"Mostly I love the kitchen and family room area," he said. "We're a close family and we spend a great deal of time in that main area because it's an open floor plan—you're also cooking dinner, eating dinner, all in the same space."

Vosbikian said the home includes touches that will make it stand out on the market, now that the family has decided to list the property for sale.

"This home has a lot of special details in it that a lot of homes don't have," he said. "Things like heated floors, soundproof movie theater, a second catering kitchen."

He said the couple has decided that now is the time to sell the home because they don't need quite the same amount of space they did in 2006.

"Like a lot of people, my kids are growing up and going to college," he said. "Sometimes it's hard to justify the amount of space that you're not using."

The home is listed for $2,250,000 with Sam Lepore at Keller Williams.

"I know it's a popular term," Vosbikian said. "It's called right-sizing."