Gabe and Jessica Weissman had been renting their Fairmount property for about a year when they decided they wanted to make it their permanent home.

"After a little over a year in the home, we knew we wanted to stay and reached out to our landlords to see if they'd be willing to sell," Gabe said.

They made settlement a few months later in December 2013.

Joe Alfano

"Jess and I were the only ones to buy, but our 1-year-old little lady would likely make an ownership claim as well," he said.

The couple were initially drawn to the neighborhood because they knew friends with young children lived nearby. Weissman also said their family has enjoyed memberships at the zoo, the Art Museum, and the Please Touch Museum.

"The accessibility of family-friendly restaurants and activities that were a short walk away was of enormous appeal," he said.

In addition to the neighborhood amenities, he said, the couple was drawn to one of the property's very big assets: parking.

"The feature that had us racing to it initially was having two parking spaces in Fairmount," he said. "But other elements of the house quickly won us over."

The three-bedroom home features a private garage as well as off-street parking, along with a private backyard, a deck and a luxury master suite. Weissman said the outdoor spaces have been ideal for entertaining.

"We love to entertain and have found that our entire first floor is perfect for hosting," he said. "We plan an annual Super Bowl party, which was especially fun this year."

The couple recently decided to list the home for sale, and Weissman said they have mixed feelings about the move.

"Pretty much everyone we tell asks us if we're sure we want to leave two parking spaces in Fairmount," he said.

Having grown up in central New York and central Pennsylvania, Weissman said he and Jessica have long planned to raise their family in an environment like the ones where they grew up.

"We'd regret it if we never tried this next step with our family," he said. "We're already making plans to head back into the city as empty nesters, but time will tell on how that vision makes out."

Joe Alfano