Andrew Magnus' parents bought their Medford Farms home in 1977.

"My mother was looking for a historical home in the Medford-Moorestown area," he said.

History is what they found in the five-bedroom Oliphant Homestead.

"The house was bought from the Himmeleins, whom the road was named after," Magnus said.


The property — built in 1815 — also is historically notable as the homestead of David Oliphant, one of Medford's most prominent founders. The site once held his grist and sawmill.

Today the 3,200-square-foot farmhouse is a bit more modern. Over the more than 40 years during which the Magnus family owned the home and its 2.19 acres, the most significant renovation was adding a family room to connect the kitchen to their toy room.

"This area still has the original sink," Magnus said.


The five-bedroom also boasts hardwood floors, multiple wood-burning fireplaces, and formal living and dining spaces. Out back, there is a large patio with an outdoor fireplace.

The combined living and dining room with large fireplace is Magnus' favorite part of the home, he said.

"This is where all of our holiday gatherings were held," he said.


The family recently listed the home for sale after their father died. "My father was very handy and did the upkeep on the house," Magnus said.

Magnus expects the location and what he calls the "classic charm" of the home will attract buyers. His parents were close with many of the neighbors in the community and enjoyed the setting adjacent to the Medford Village Country Club.

"The golf course behind the house provides an extra element to the neighborhood experience," he said.

The property is listed by Susan O'Donoghue at REMAX for $399,000.