Let's face it: we're all distracted. Between smart phones, social media, and all that the Internet offers, it's hard stay as focused at work as we used to be.

Out of all these distractions, what is hurting our productivity the most?

According to a recent survey from Salary.com, it's Google that's the biggest culprit.

The popular search engine website edged out Facebook – by one percent – with a total of 24 percent of respondents. Other popular websites, such as LinkedIn, Yahoo! and YouTube, made the list. Surprisingly, only 1 percent of respondents blamed Twitter for their slacking. Last year, the most respondents said Facebook was the biggest time waster.

Our productivity seems to be getting worse in general. The career website found that 89 percent of those employees surveyed admitted to wasting time at some point every day. That's a 20 percent increase from last year.

While many blamed online distractions, others cited having too many meetings and conference calls and dealing with annoying co-workers as the reasons they get behind with work.

Out of all the industries surveyed, employees who work in finance and banking admitted to wasting the most time. The largest demographic of employees who slack off are men in their 20s and 30s, the survey found.

Salary.com's annual time wasting survey asked more than 750 employees about their work habits, whether or not they take breaks during the day, and what they do during that time.