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Please send local business-related tips or announcements to the appropriate beat reporter or editor listed below. Please understand that we receive more announcements than we can pursue or acknowledge.

Announcements of senior-level hires, appointments, promotions or transfers at companies in the greater Philadelphia region may be sent to the general postal or e-mail addresses, attention to Rhonda Dickey, "People in the News." Please include your executive's name, current and former titles, companies and locations, plus brief description of the business where applicable.

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Notices of business-related meetings, programs and seminars in the region may be sent to the general postal or e-mail addresses, attention to Pat Mazurek, "Business Events." We must receive notices at least two weeks before the event. Events must be open to the public and free of charge unless sponsored by nonprofit organizations.

Send news about appointments to boards of regional corporations or nonprofits to the general postal or e-mail addresses, attention to Mike Zebe, "On the Boards." Please include the board member's name, current company title and location, and board position.


Business Editor: Brian Toolan, 215-854-2476,

Deputy Business Editor: Joanne McLaughlin, 215-854-4177,

Assistant Business Editor: Paul Schweizer, 215-854-2487,

Assistant Business Editor: Reid Kanaley, 215-854-5114,

Online Editor, Roslyn Rudolph, 215-854-2964,

Night Editor, Rhonda Dickey, 215-854-2381,

Columns & Blogs

PhillyInc columnist and PBT anchor: Michael Armstrong, 215-854-2980,

PhillyDeals: Joseph N. DiStefano, 215-854-5194,

Web Wealth: Reid Kanaley, 215-854-5114,


Financial Services: Harold Brubaker, 215-854-4651,

Health-Care Business: Stacey Burling, 215-854-4944,

Media/Communications: Bob Fernandez, 215-854-5897,

Consumer: Jeff Gelles, 215-854-2776,

Pharmaceuticals/Biotech: Miriam Hill, 215-854-5520,

Development/Real Estate: Diane Mastrull, 215-854-2466,

Law: Chris Mondics, 215-854-5957,

Airlines/Tourism: Linda Loyd, 215-854-4822,

Retailing: Maria Panaritis, 215-854-2431,

Casinos/Commercial Real Estate: Suzette Parmley, 215-854-2594,

Workplace/Health Insurance: Jane M. Von Bergen, 215-854-2769,

Other subjects: Please use general e-mail address,

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