Philadelphia Magazine's Patrick Kerkstra announced on Twitter Tuesday morning that he is leaving his post as editor. Kerkstra was named editor in January 2016 after a corporate restructuring.

The company announced the position will be filled "for the foreseeable future" by Tom McGrath, who currently serves as chief content and strategy officer of Metrocorp, the magazine's owner.

"I'm proud of the work we did, incredibly grateful to the phenomenal staff that worked at my side. On to the next," Kerkstra tweeted.

In a brief interview, he noted that the magazine's retreat from digital - an expansion area he championed - and a wider disconnect between his editorial focus and the owner's priorities led to his termination.

"The writing was on the wall," he said, but the timing was a surprise. He said he has no firm plans. The magazine has not responded. - Aswin Mannepalli