DEAR HARRY: For many years, we have used AT&T as our cell-phone carrier. Until last month, we were very happy with our service, but we are now in trouble.

We moved to a suburban apartment building in May, and we now can neither receive nor make calls on our phones from inside our apartment.

We have discovered that other residents have the same problem with AT&T. Our son, who uses Sprint for his cell phone, has no such problem; he gets in and out easily.

I have called AT&T several times trying to get to someone who can straighten this out. The best I have gotten is an offer to install some kind of "booster" that "should solve the problem."

This will cost $200. Canceling my service will get me hit with a penalty.

Any ideas?

WHAT HARRY SAYS: With all the competition, I'm surprised that AT&T won't take the action needed to correct the problem. Try to get the other AT&T users in your building to join you in a letter to the company threatening to cancel and fight the penalties for early cancelation.

Get your congressman on your side, as well. These companies can withstand the ill will of a single customer, but having a sizable group of unhappy customers is another ball of wax.

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