Those millions of economic-stimulus checks are still being delivered. How are you spending yours? These sites make suggestions and help you find your money if you didn't get it yet.

On schedule? By July 11, most people should have received their check. Mailing dates have been based on the last two digits of Social Security numbers. Here's the schedule published by the IRS.

The government says about five million people who are due payments have yet to file for them. These are folks who didn't file an income tax return, though that's the only way to get a stimulus check. Look at the IRS Web site for more details.

How did you spend it? Visitors to this site are invited to boast and display a photo. A Virginia carpenter says he bought a pistol. "Pres. Bush bought me a bike," another person writes. Others note gifts to charity, vacations, gambling, clothing, pets or car payments and tattoos.

Wisebread. On the blog site about "living large on a small budget," writers talk about spending their stimulus payments in thrift stores, paying bills, or putting the money into savings. It's all so sensible.

Savvy uses. The site Not Made of Money says don't rush to spend the stimulus cash. It suggests paying down debt or putting the money toward a larger, planned purchase, such as a needed refrigerator. Forget the economy: "You should feel comfortable with the idea of saving your rebate if your financial situation warrants it."

Bargainist. This bargain-hunters Web site lists some of the department stores, groceries and specialty retailers that are offering special deals to people who exchange their stimulus checks for gift cards.

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