Sorting cell phone plans to decide which is the best deal for you can be daunting. Here's some help with that. Also, find the best Web sites for checking on the latest cell services and gadgets.

My rate. Enter your zip code on this page to see a variety of cell phone plans and rates available in your area from the big national carriers. You can narrow your search with "filters" that allow you to specify options you want, such as text messaging and overseas use of the phone. The site has similar pages for choosing travel deals, insurance and Internet service.

Doc Zone. "It saves lives and annoys people, on a daily basis," says this video documentary about the little, ubiquitous cell phone. Provided online by the Canadian Broadcasting Corp., the film, called Cell Phone: The Ring Heard Around the World, says half the people on the planet - an estimated 3.3 billion of us - now carry cell phones. The documentary is part of the CBC's Doc Zone TV series, and several other segments are available online at this site, including "How to Be Happy," which promises helpful tips for cheering up.

Cell phone TV. We read here first about "cell phone projector glasses," which purport to solve the problem of that tiny screen size. Mobile services, including Sprint Nextel Corp., AT&T Inc. and Verizon Communications Inc., offer TV-subscription services for cell phone customers with the right phones. At the cell phone digest Web site, you can catch up on the latest news about cell phone services and gizmos.

Cellular news. Keep up with the list of countries, from Australia to Zimbabwe, and U.S. states that have banned use of cell phones while driving. Search for a job in the industry.

Techworld is another place to read about developments in the wider universe of mobile networking - including an item on a man in China who was reported killed last year after his cell phone exploded.

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