Montgomery County

These transactions were recorded in September and October.

Abington Twp

2444 Ardsley Av

Jennifer L Thome to Thomas and Siobhain Regan, $310,000.

1489 Blue Jay Rd Rong Hui Huang to Brandon D Laskey and Angelina E Ruiz, $210,000.

2908 Carnation Av Susan M Grispon and Robert J Grispon to William E Blunt and Theresa Paula Mason, $256,000.

772 Central Ave Estate of Joseph G Ondik to David G Smith, $135,000.

1261 East Ave Joseph W Simmons to Karen M Gordon, $239,900.

1619 High Av Ronald A and Lucille Sizer to Adelene S and Bevin Mills, $155,000.

106 Holme Ave Phyllis Appel and Penny Appel to Knr Bldrs LLC, $202,000.

614 Kelly Ln Colleen Roth et al to Matthew J and Kristina M Balitzky, $285,000.

2016 Maplewood Av Gardiner L Ware and Betty Mazuk to Charles S and Melissa A Nalliah, $242,000.

646 Monroe Ave Michael D and Patricia McHugh to David M and Michelle L Hopping, $212,000.

2430 Norwood Av Rose Richman et al to Susan Miller, $120,000.

408 Penn Av Mary T McCallister to Donna Prendergast, $255,000.

233 Township Line Kaphesia Woodard to Jason R Sol, $142,000.

239 Tulpehocken Av Deborah V Nocero-Kennedy and William J Kennedy to William E Sell et al, $170,000.

1717 Webster Ave Susan and Timothy Hasse to Alicia and Edward Martin, $308,000.

Cheltenham Twp

1600 Church Rd

Riad A Badaoui to Betty J Moore, $74,900.

109 Emory Ln Jaime and Nitza Aldebol to Maria R Buzzell and Eric L Steed, $294,000.

1412 Melrose Ave Amy Nowack and Steven B Paradis to Aaron H Maass, $570,000.

Conshohocken Boro

624 Hector St

Edward R Cholmeley-Jones to April W Smith and Michael J Rae, $195,000.

325 E Hector St Robert E and Maria A Newell to Haba Homes LP, $107,500.

413 E Hector St Ava Land Holding Inc to Elizabeth A Williams and Steven E Jennings, $384,900.

435 E Twelfth Ave Matthew R Conn to Wendy L Black, $242,000.

East Greenville Boro

333 Blaker Dr

William B and Barbara J Marcy to Alicia Medford, $160,000.

East Norriton Twp

221 Beechwood Rd

Billie Ann and Alfred A Caville to Serafin Zamora, $274,500.

822 Sandra Ln Andreo DiPrinzio to Salvatore Russell Pumo, $239,900.

411 Stony Wa Cad Properties LLC to Dorice and Andrew Lessard, $122,500.

513 Stony Way Catherine Ann Grace to Donna L Walther, $153,000.

Franconia Twp

117 Erie Ave

Jean E Curry to Lisa A and Christopher P Remus, $305,000.

Hatboro Boro

33 Shirley Rd

Helen B Malone to Elizabeth J Asche, $270,000.

Horsham Twp

45 Brookside Ct

Denise G Warzel to Mary Louise Hartzell, $210,000.

160 Moreland Ave Josephine E Brooks to Margaret M and William H Klick, $280,000.

4 Mountain Ash Ln Jennifer Nguyen et al to James A and Elisabeth Golden, $407,000.

414 Walnut Av Henry Harad to Ann and David Reilly, $265,000.

Jenkintown Boro

3 McGoldrick Av

John C Clutton and Rose M Clutton Mongan to Glenn E Heilman, $145,000.

Lansdale Boro

125 E 3d St

Grace V and Robert A Hartzel to Luisa B and Mohammad H Toro-Ashrafzadeh, $217,500.

1006 Tremont Dr Mark B Greenberg and Prosource Two LLC to Bonifacio B and Estela B Millanes, $177,000.

341 York Ave Melanie and Keith Sheehy to Michael J and Karen J Etze, $210,000.

Limerick Twp

41 Cedar Ct

Maureen Erlandson to Nicolina R and Michael A Strmac, $236,900.

Lower Gwynedd Twp

718 Johns Ln

Thomas Schwabenland and Doreen H Sheridan to Sean M Leheny and Danielle L Beerhalter, $320,000.

Lower Pottsgrove Twp

228 Park Rd

Susan Wertman to Richard and Tammy Derstine, $126,000.

632 Sanatoga Villa Stephen M Bancroft to Loraine M Snyder, $124,750.

Lower Providence Twp

1008 Clark Hill Dr

Rakesh I and Manisha Baman to Vivek and Sujata Sharma, $539,900.

6021 Coldspring Dr Mary M and Francis D Galie to Daniel J Laskey and Joseph Carpani, $295,000.

167 Lattice Ln Jeffrey A and Bonita L Miller to Doris Bair, $350,000.

28 Pinetree Dr Martin and Elizabeth Ephraim to Michael J Canavan, $240,000.

Lower Salford Twp

158 Brookedale Ln

David W Weber and Heather Ann Svetik-Weber to David P Heim and Celeste E Taetaglia, $378,000.

Montgomery Twp

111 Bridle Path Rd

Lynn and Susan Mackerell to Steven M Tolton, $260,000.

106 Rosewood Dr Carlene J and Laurence A Moyer to Elizabeth J Vander Vennet, $475,750.

New Hanover Twp

2728 Gail Dr

Joseph and Francine McGuigan to Shirley I and Harold R McCoy, $232,000.

Norristown Boro

658 Haws Av

Wendy M Sailors to Jeffrey and John H Mitchell, $67,000.

727 Noble St Anthony R Alessandrini to Karla S and Matthew F Kay-Conway, $205,790.

207 W Roberts St Gretchen E Poehlmann to James F and Marla K Gambone, $195,700.

1438 Walnut St Ten D Lam to Wilfredo A Murphy, $185,000.

Perkiomen Twp

407 Abbey Ln

Britta and Leonard Pekofsky to John L and Jennifer R Ames, $427,000.

366 Bridge St United Sa Sec Vets A to Virginia S DiDonato, $175,300.

372 Centennial St Jonathan Kegerise to Phillip C Lee, $287,500.

334 Countryside Ct Judith Kacmar to Rebecca H Whittaker and Joseph M Minetti, $215,000.

419 Dartmoor Rd Theresa A Abernethy and Scott J Russell to Claudel and Cheryl Prevot, $340,000.

106 Drury Ln Kelly M M and Brian D Doan to Thomas J and Christine K Lopez, $445,000.

102 Raleigh Rd Heather R and Michael G Esham to Michael and Tracey B Yosifon, $343,000.

106 Raleigh Rd Maryrose and William Drucis to Christine Courtney and Bryan E Roy, $321,500.

Plymouth Twp

2 Chestnut St

Joanne and Thomas G Bennich to Danita M Fries, $130,000.

Pottstown Boro

12 W 6th St

Michelle and Thomas McGinn to Karen A Torak and Kevin M Donovan, $130,000.

16 W 10th St Lucinda Cruz to Stanley Dennis Cimino, $105,000.

115 Berks St Kinstantinos A Fotiadis to Terrenia Alston and David M Kubczak, $153,600.

223 Charlotte St Ronald J White R J Prop LLC to Jacob R Snyder, $159,900.

788 Lincoln Ave Robin Ricketts to Kyle A Klaus, $85,000.

892 South St Mark T and Cheryl Lynn Hegedus to Thomas S and Laura B Hillen, $86,000.

530 Walnut St Genesis Housing Corp to Catherine C Schussler, $70,000.

528 Willow St John C and Lisa J Hughes to Marc J Kephart, $145,000.

322 N York St Robyn Hyman Lampkin to Amy McBlane, $95,000.

Rockledge Boro

111 N Central Av

Kimberly A and Peter K Lytle to Susan and Frank DiGiovannangelo, $240,000.

Schwenksville Boro

90 2d St

Stephen P Imms and Alice Pogson to Joseph R and Debra L Klobusicky, $248,000.

1112 Forest Ln John and John F Parsons to Bernice Williams, $107,000.

Skippack Twp

4349 Annandale Dr

Craig and Stacey R Lindsley to Laura P and Jimmy C Bonner, $537,500.

2055 Church Rd Lual and Samuel S Dinenna to Steven Duncan and Jennifer G Plumeri, $440,000.

704 Daniel Dr Linda S and James J Taylor to James M and Linda A Reynolds, $395,000.

4128 S Inspiration Ernestine and Joseph M Snyder to Anke Caroline and Ronald H Nijssen, $360,000.

Souderton Boro

438 Noble St

Grace M Smoot and Grace M Labs to Edward J and Carol A Koebert, $250,000.

Springfield Twp

3 Brookside Rd

G June Oswald to Melissa M Griffin, $215,000.

1407 Church Rd Patrick and Mary McGinty to Jamie M Clarkin and Robert G Beane, $275,000.

512 Hunters Ln Mary Louise Hartzell to John A and Lucy Debes, $282,000.

215 Montgomery Ave Margaret A Callahan to Arlene M and James J Dugan, $240,000.

Towamencin Twp

506 Clarella Ct

Virginia A Pheil to Alison R Lee, $177,000.

340 Erie Dr Louis A and Karen J Rheaume to Alexander J Scott, $250,000.

308 Hickory Ct Timothy B and Stephanie Marino to Mark A Heineman, $165,000.

203 Oberlin Te Herbert J and Joseph H Brewster to Laura McGowan, $179,900.

104 Runnymede Ct Anli Wu and Matthew J Okasinski to Kerry Douglas, $218,000.

574 Weikel Rd Wendy Meyers Mease to Grace A and Michael B Trail, $350,000.

201 Woodlawn Dr Petra and Edward Barbezat to Milagros Sangalang, $345,000.

Trappe Boro

172 Harvard Dr

Francis T Kasper to Marie E Mack and Vincent J Ianieri, $284,000.

82 Holly Dr Mary L and Eric J Shaffer to Robert J Azadian, $248,500.

Upper Dublin Twp

506 Bellaire Ave

G Ray Funkhouser to Jerry A and Bonnie H Kimbro, $345,000.

1407 N Limekiln Pi Donna L Prendergast to Frank J Zadlo, $500,000.

41 Oakwood Dr Daniel and Deborah A Teitelbaum to Jeffrey T and Meredith A Penner, $515,000.

1541 Wynnemoor Wa Willard G Andrews to Suzanne D and Michael J Naselsky, $545,000.

Upper Gwynedd Twp

163 Eric Ln

Leslie T Wang to Christina and Jeffrey Dugger, $206,000.

731 North Wales Rd Jeffrey G Kahn to Craig Fernsler and F & F Investments, $350,000.

1402 Oxford Cir Andrew J Bett to Swaminathan and Gowri Venkataramani, $295,000.

47 Wexford Dr Caitlin Griffo to Charles W McClenaghan, $117,000.

1472 Wheaton Ln Monica and Philip J Gray to David Horn, $395,000.

Upper Merion Twp

636 Crestwood Rd

Constance W and Randy B Turner to Cheri L and Roger R Harding, $345,000.

394 Hughes Rd Estate of Marie Phillips to Debra M and David M Kolesar, $245,000.

280 Lawndale Ave Anthony C Bueti and Emily Lamare to Cynthia Ramos, $270,000.

Upper Moreland Twp

23 Belmar Rd

Colleen Clegg and Alonzo Clegg to Victor Gasbarra and Andraea Primodie, $260,000.

3890 Round Mdw Jon S Pappas to Pamela M and Robert M Bross, $265,000.

405 Woodlawn Ave Nicholas R and Susan A Blandford to Rebecca S Morris, $283,000.

Upper Pottsgrove Twp

282 Glendale Av

Elizabeth O and Michael C Rowland to Jason D and Kristi R Acree, $199,900.

Upper Providence Twp

320 Apple St

Kevin M Friel et al to Kerry L Mihalcik and Andrew Mihalcik, $240,220.

330 Gay St Joyce E and Peter G Dramby to Stacy A Gibbs and David J Barber, $193,000.

100 Spruce Ln Daniel S Coval to Karthik Ramakrishnan and Charan Preet Kaur Anand, $236,000.

West Conshohocken Boro

310 Britt Moir Ave

Steven C and Tina M Wellington to Prime Invest Prop LLC, $179,000.

West Norriton Twp

1957 Byrd Dr

John R Baranowski and Kim Andreacola to Tammi McCrary and John Andrews, $308,888.

1859 Marshall St Elizabeth Michaels to Brian Novitski, $238,000.

1202 Stonybrook Dr Stacey DeRosato to Mindy A Henken and Diane E McCracken, $200,000.

West Pottsgrove Twp

708 Holly Dr

Georgia and Christopher R Soley to Roy A Meador, $145,000.

Whitemarsh Twp

1 Almond Ct

Gerald J Bowes to Robert Molsbergen, $438,000.

4119 Fields Dr Agnes W and Milo A Kamstra to Corey and Jennifer Olsen, $580,000.

3056 Kerper Rd Julie A Davidson to Joshua N and Jennifer Fiorenza, $351,000.

Whitpain Twp

409 W Greystone Rd

Sara E Mulhern to William C Finch, $330,000.

316 Maple Av William A Tenlen to Bertha Q and Glenn Heidler, $210,000.

1274 Skippack Pi William M and Janis M Sanders to Michael W Dynda, $379,000.

1006 Wentz Rd Robert W Purdy to Hector Pereira and Diane S Williams, $329,000.

1904 Whitpain Hl Laura L and James R Biddle to Tressa L and John A Larson, $190,000.

Worcester Twp

2577 Cold Spring R

Dominick F and Kathleen M Martelli to John and Judith Bujnoski, $850,000.

1802 Maple Cir Isidro C Arana to Stacey Herried and Daniel W Halstead, $162,000.