The rankings for Travel + Leisure's "America's Most and Least Attractive People" have been released, and with them, Philadelphians have received yet another slap in the face. This year, we're the fifth least attractive city in America, just slightly worse than Pittsburgh's huddled masses.

But despite the embarrassment of being named the fifth least attractive people this year, we've actually been worse off before. In 2012, Philly was named the third least attractive city, while in 2011 we nabbed the 25th spot on a list of 35 US cities. Travel + Leisure readers, it seems, kind of just don't like us. Or, well, at least the way we look.

As the Travel + Leisure blurb about Philly clarifies:

Just because readers did not find residents drop-dead gorgeous does not mean that there are not things of beauty in the City of Brotherly Love. The local art scene—from the big-name Barnes Foundation to the smaller but no-less-fascinating Center for Art in Wood—ranked at No. 5, while several local staples may count as works of art. 

Um, thanks? "Come to Philadelphia, where, if you can stomach the circus-ugly locals, you'll get a good dose of culture. But — and we're serious, here — don't look anyone in the face." If that's how it's going to be, staff of T+ L, please, just leave the art to us uggos.

Oddly, though, Travel + Leisure notes that "the list of the 10 least attractive cities has an eerie overlap with the survey's top 10 of enthusiastic sports fans." In 2011, we ranked first on that list.

Which, of course, means one thing: We might be ugly, but at least we've got a nice personality. Doesn't that make you feel better?