These days, we know Eric Stonestreet as Modern Family's Cameron Tucker. But before he could cement his place as one of TV's most beloved characters, Stonestreet needed some training — which, as it turns out, came from Upper Darby's Tina Fey.

Stonestreet appeared on Late Night with Seth Meyers Tuesday night, going down memory lane to relay the tale of his time at Chicago's Second City improv theater, where "some girl named Tina Fey" was his instructor.

"Well, at Second City, I don't know if you've ever heard of her, a girl named Tina Fey was my teacher," Stonestreet told Meyers. "Yeah, I heard she's gone on to some good stuff."

Initially, Stonestreet was just a host at Second City, meaning he "sat people, not that [he] actually had words to say." However, as he told Meyers, night after night of watching performances from Fey and fellow Second City alum Rachel Dratch ultimately lead to higher positions in the company thanks to that "great, valuable training."

Since then, Stonestreet has gone on to receive nominations and awards for his role on Modern Family, including two best supporting actor Emmys. Which, of course, is a long way to go from "giving [audience members] an extra napkin or whatever" at Second City.

But, then, it looks like that's what getting guidance from Tina Fey will do for you. Heck, just look at Jane Krakowski.