Kevin Bacon's up to disguising himself again.

The "Friday the 13th" actor greeted his Twitter Monday afternoon with a full-faced selfie and the caption "Greetings from the UK!"

In a comedic way, Bacon didn't acknowledge his new, plumper appearance. But don't worry, his Twitter followers did.

This wouldn't be the first time Bacon disguised himself and presented his metamorphosis unannounced to the world. In March, the Philly native told LA-based magazine Haute Living that he walked around Los Angeles incognito and, to his surprise, was treated like a regular person. That means Mr. Bacon was ignored and fans didn't shout, "I love you!" at random points throughout his stroll.

"It was almost disturbing," he told the magazine.

An insightful fan, though, presented a possible motive behind Bacon's surprisingly round selfie.

The fan suggested Bacon's transformation was for an EE commercial. He has been the face of an advertising campaign for EE, a U.K. mobile and television company, since 2012. The campaign parodies the Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon pop culture game that connects Bacon with an endless array of Hollywood A-listers.

According to Daily Mail Online, "the inflated new look was obviously a makeup trick," and Bacon's "new look" is just a result of prosthetics.