If you hadn't gotten enough of the high art motif from Jay-Z's latest album, Magna Carta Holy Grail, then hold onto your easels because Hova is lip-synching "Picasso Baby" for six consecutive hours at New York City's Pace Gallery. The absurd performance is supposedly going to culminate with the release of a music video for the song.

During his random Twitter Q&A the other day, Jay-Z mentioned that everyone should expect six pieces of visual art to go along with Magna Carta Holy Grail. And it seems like he's gotten things started with the marathon performance and subsequent video.

Maybe Jay's been inspired by the The National's performing their song "The Sorrow" for six hours straight in early May at MoMA PS1, and maybe he's taking a lesson from Marina Abramović, the most famous contemporary performance artist, whose The Artist is Present installation had her sitting in the MoMA across from visitors for a minute at a time during her spring 2010 retrospective. Regardless, he's consciously going in a new direction, and instead of just rapping about visual art and the art world, he's making a decisive effort to be a part of it beyond a collector. [Complex]

UPDATE: The Michael Jordan of New York performance art scene, Marina Abramovic, joined Jay-Z for a portion of his performance. Also, there's a woman wheeling around on a scooter because, art. [Complex]