WWE made a pit stop on its road to SummerSlam Monday night and were greeted by thousands of very vocal fans at the Air Canada Centre in Toronto.

WWE typically calls any city north of the border "Bizarro World" in an effort to explain why our Canadian friends tend to cheer the bad guys and boo the good guys.

That happens in various cities around the United States, but it seems to happen almost every time WWE goes to a city in Canada.

Let's just say that Toronto lived up to that "Bizarro World" moniker Monday night on more than occasion.

There were points of the show were the fans sat in silence to due to the mundane nature of a three-hour television program, but when WWE gave the fans something to be vocal about, Toronto came through.

Before I dig into my full thoughts on the show, here are the full match results:

- Sheamus def. Seth Rollins

- Jason Jordan def. Jean-Pierre Goulet

- Sasha Banks def. Emma & Alicia Fox

- Karl Anderson & Luke Gallows def. Big Show & Enzo Amore

- Dean Ambrose def. Cesaro

- Akira Tozawa def. Ariya Daivari

- Nia Jax def. Mickie James & Dana Brooke

- Last Man Standing – Braun Strowman def. Roman Reigns

Strowman was the last man standing

The rivalry between Strowman and Reigns saw another chapter Monday night and it was just as riveting as the ones that came before it, as the two hosses beat the daylights out of each other from one side of the arena to the next.

When it was all said and done, however, Strowman was the last man standing thanks to an assist from fellow big hoss Samoa Joe, who caught Reigns in the Coquina clutch just when he thought he had the match won.

Joe's interference turned out to be the difference in the match, but all of the action before that reminded me of a Godzilla movie; Reigns hit Strowman with steel steps, Strowman tossed an office chair into Reigns' face at a very high rate of speed and Reigns ran the length of the ramp to build up enough momentum to spear Strowman.

It feels like we have seen Strowman and Reigns go at it nearly 100 times in 2017 alone, but the matches never get old with me.

WWE could put Reigns and Strowman together again next Monday night and I would have full confidence that they would knock it out of the park just like they did this week.

Lesnar destroyed The Miztourage

The fourth man in Raw's big hoss equation is WWE Universal champion Brock Lesnar, who made a surprise appearance on Miz TV alongside his advocate, Paul Heyman.

The Miz opened the show with Miz TV in an effort to right the wrong from last week when Jordan got the better of the Intercontinental champion and his entourage.

Instead of getting Jordan, Raw general manager Kurt Angle booked another guest for Miz TV, which turned out to be Lesnar.

The Miz did himself no favors by telling Lesnar that he was essentially a lock to lose his Universal title at SummerSlam.

Lesnar responded by pretending that The Miz, Bo Dallas and Curtis Axel were Strowman, Reigns and Joe and took all three of them on a one-way trip to Suplex City.

It was a fun segment to start off the show that reminded people just how much of a beat the Universal champion really is.

Rollins is now in his feelings

The Rollins-Ambrose story took another turn this week, as it was Rollins' turn to get all up in his feelings after watching Ambrose do the same for the last couple of weeks.

Rollins' night began with a rematch against Sheamus that ended with him coming out on the short end thanks to a distraction from the Sheamus' partner, Cesaro.

Rollins, upset by losing, continued the fight after the match, but was quickly overwhelmed by the Raw Tag Team champions.

Rollins, along with the Toronto fans, was expecting to receive some help from Ambrose, but Ambrose never showed.

Rollins bumped into Ambrose after the match and wondered where he was. Ambrose reiterated his stance from last week of not lending Rollins another assist.

Later in the night, Ambrose defeated Cesaro in a long match, but like Rollins, he fell victim to the tag champs.

However, Ambrose received a helping hand from Rollins, as he dispatched Cesaro and Sheamus from the ring.

Rollins and Ambrose stood in the ring and soaked in the moment, as the fans in the arena cheered for Rollins and Ambrose to finally reunite.

Ambrose finally seemed to come around to the idea by putting his fist out for The Shield pose. But in a surprise move, Rollins was the one that left Ambrose hanging, just like when Ambrose did the same to him a couple of weeks ago.

Despite Rollins being suddenly in his feelings, I honestly like how WWE has constructed this angle over the past couple of weeks.

I know I probably shouldn't give WWE credit for this, but I like how one week has seamlessly led to the next.

That should be the case with every story in WWE, but it happens so rarely that it is noticeable when WWE actually has an interesting story that has logical chapters from week to week.

Banks vs. Jax next week

WWE broke the unfortunate news early Monday that Bayley was officially ruled out of her Raw Women's title match against Alexa Bliss at SummerSlam due to a shoulder injury she suffered last week, which spurred WWE to go about crowning a new No. 1 contender this week on Raw.

In the super obvious outcome of the week, Banks and Jax each won triple threat qualifying matches Monday night to advance to a one-on-one encounter next week where the winner will face Bliss for the title at SummerSlam.

Although the outcome was predictable, I am actually looking forward to another Banks-Jax bout. The last one they had was very good and I would hope could top it.

Toronto was not fond of Bayley

As for Bayley, things could not be any worse for her at the moment.

Not only has a big title match been taken away from her, but she was booed mercilessly by the Toronto fans Monday night.

She even acknowledged the jeers during her brief promo.

I guess some of the blame has to go on Bayley because she is the one playing the role, but the vast majority of it has to go to WWE for how it has portrayed Bayley since WrestleMania.

Heck, you could make the case that WWE has bumbled Bayley's entire run on the main roster since she debuted last summer.

There was a point where Bayley being booed anywhere in the world would have been sacrilegious, but on Monday it seemed like the thing to do, as if she was the female John Cena.

I could blame WWE all day for how Bayley has gotten to this point, but I am a solutions-oriented person. Whenever things get bad, I typically focus my energy on how to fix them instead of worrying about how bad things are.

Unfortunately, I don't know what the solution is for Bayley. The easy solution would be to turn her heel, but Bayley's current persona as the shiny beacon pf goodness has so much potential on so many levels.

Turning her into a villain would make her like every other character in WWE. Bayley could eventually turn back into a hero, but it would not be with as much purity as the character she portrays today, which is what makes her unique.

I understand every character has to progress, but I believe WWE has yet to even scratch the surface of what Bayley could be on the main roster.

WWE bringing out the shark cage again

For the third time in less than a year, a special event from WWE will have someone suspended in a shark cage above the ring.

NXT was the first to unearth this match at Takeover: Toronto last November when Paul Ellering was put in the cage for the Authors of Pain's match against TM-61.

WWE used the cage again at the Royal Rumble when Chris Jericho was suspended above the ring for Kevin Owens' Universal title defense against Reigns.

At SummerSlam, it will be Enzo Amore's turn to get in the cage for Big Show's match against Big Cass.

The story involving Amore, Cass and Big Show has not been all that enthralling since Amore and Cass split up and I don't think this cage stipulation is going to help any.

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