Whether or not Meek Mill's response to Drake's was of any quality is another discussion for another blog.

All we care about here at the Squared Circle is the sample the Philadelphia native used to disparage the Toronto rapper. That's because Meek Mill rapped over a sample of the Undertaker's theme music on his latest song titled Wanna Know.

The Undertaker's iconic gong was prominently featured in the beginning of the track, as was the lightning sound effects that accompany his theme. The gong is repeated throughout the song as Meek Mill speaks ill of the man whom he claims does not his own rhymes.

For you wrestling fans that do not listen to rap, that's probably the most heinous claim you can sling at another rapper.

You can listen to the full NSFW song HERE. Also, here's a link to the Undertaker's theme song because you can never hear it too many times.

We doubt that the Undertaker will be using Meek Mill's song before any of his matches any time soon.