Reid Rosenthal, the Center City Realtor and erstwhile Bachelorette reality star, saw a friend dropping an ice cube made of cucumbers into a glass of water to pep up the taste. His wheels started turning, and he and his best friend (remaining anonymous for professional reasons) began freezing cocktail mixers in small plastic cubes under their grandfathers' names. Add one Herb & Lou's Infused Ice Cube to every shot of liquor. Shake and pour. Varieties include the Cooper, a blood orange and ginger old-fashioned intended for bourbon, and two others you pair with vodka or tequila: the Clyde (peach, herbs, and bitters) and Cecile (cucumber, watermelon, clover, honey, and thyme). Rum and gin formulas are on the way.

Herb & Lou's Infused Ice Cubes retail for $15.99 to $18.99 for a package of 12 at Amazon, Total Wines, and through its website,

Michael Klein