Stephen Starr and Peter Serpico - who went into business together three years ago on South Street with Serpico - are planning a second restaurant.

Unlike the modern-American stylings of Serpico, the unnamed second restaurant will focus on Korean small-plates. It will occupy 2025 Sansom St., the former Rittenhouse home of Il Pittore. Serpico said he hoped it would open in four to six months.

Serpico - former culinary director of David Chang's Momofuku empire and the opening chef de cuisine/partner at NYC's Momofuku Ko - was born in South Korea and adopted at age 2 by a couple from suburban Washington, D.C. (Polish American father, Italian American mother).

Serpico said the menu will be "70 percent authentic."
"I obviously know about food, but I want to learn about where my roots are," he said, noting that his wife also is Korean American. "My food [at Serpico] is all over the place. This will be a good chance for me to focus on something specific."