With the second anniversary of their hit East Passyunk BYOB Noord on the way, Joncarl Lachman and Bob Moysan are planning a second restaurant in South Philadelphia.

This new restaurant will include a bar as it takes over 943 S. Ninth St. in the Italian Market.

The glass storefront and the distinctive black-and-white-tile entryway - across the street from Villa Di Roma, the original Di Bruno Bros., and Blue Corn - has no name yet.

Lachman is planning a French/North African theme - a bit farther south than Noord's Northern European style - with a romantic, sexy vibe.

To help achieve this, two of the curb stands out front will be removed.

He hopes to open May 8 or thereabouts, Noord's anniversary.

Lachman plans an "accessible but interesting" happy hour, e,.g. a choice of mutton burger with Brie or a bowl of kushari with a carafe of house wine at a value.

Lachman now works with Ninth Street butchers - "I have to go pick up my goat" was his parting remark to me this morning as we toured the space - so he is planning what he calls "Ninth Street butcher shop steak frites," served with vegetables and compound butter.

Lachman also will serve bouillabaisse with the broth served both separately and family style.

Expect entree prices under $30 - similar to Noord - with some family-style dishes and plats du jour to offer value.

His rough menu includes champagne-braised rabbit and prune rillettes with house-made baguettes and warm baby potato salad; fried oysters in a chickpea batter with preserved lemon tartar and a petite salad; prawn en papillote, beurre blanc, market vegetables; slow-roasted lamb shoulder, olives, chickpeas, fingerlings, and cinnamon tomato broth.

A few drinks (gin and vodka predominate the rough menu):

The Artichoke Sour, with Cynar, Luxardo, preserved lemon and agave

Dirty Picholine with gin, dry vermouth, Picholine olives and their brine

An Orange Flower Tonic, with gin, turmeric, Constant Comment, tonic and orange blossom water

The Piaf - gin, bitters, lime, cucumber, mint, rosewater and salt