With everyone down on the Phillies, fans are overlooking one achievement - the team leads the league… in attendance decline.

Average home attendance this season is down more than 8,000 people per game from last year, plummeting to an average of 29,975 per game. Compared to 2012, attendance is down nearly 14,000 people per game.

What's most alarming about this stagnant trend? Even with this huge drop in attendance numbers, the Phillies are still in the top 12 in terms of attendance per game. In fact, the team is near the top of attendance numbers among teams with losing record, and both teams that lead the Phillies (Cubs and Red Sox) play in historic ballparks.

So maybe instead of slamming fans for steering clear of the ballpark, we should credit the 30,000 or so who come out every night despite the lackluster team their given to support.

Nah, there's no fun in that.