Modern times have allowed us to achieve any look we desire – rounder breasts, a narrower nose, a reduced jawline and now... facial hair. If you're lacking the manly scruff you've dreamt of since puberty, fret no more because beard transplants are the latest operational trends.

Dr. Jeffrey Epstein is a facial plastic surgeon who has been doing beard transplants for over a decade. "Whether you are talking about the Brooklyn hipster or the advertising executive, the look is definitely to have a bit of facial hair," he says. Epstein has offices in both Miami and Manhattan, where he's gone from just doing a few transplants a year to about three a week. The eight hour method typically sources hair from the patient's head (for those balding, they usually take chest hair) and can cost anywhere from $3,000-7,000.

Many of the folks who call for this service are young professionals, usually in their 20s or 30s, who work in the design world. Dr. Yael Halaas is another New York-based surgeon who specializes in this specific field and she says she "get[s] a lot of detail-oriented people" like "artists, architects." Also she encounters many Hasidic Jews, those undergoing a gender alteration, and those with facial scarring.

So what happens when you decide that you want to shave it off? After months of healing from the medical procedure, the hair falls out and then takes on to the root gradually. After you've grown in your desired beard it can be shaved off as regularly as you'd like.

Penn Medicine does offer some form of facial hair transplant: "Individuals who wish to restore or thicken eyebrows, mustaches or beards."